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We provide cleaning services to the commercial and residential markets throughout Brisbane. JWY only hire highly professional and  trustworthy cleaners to ensure we provide you with a service to your satisfaction.

About Us

JWY Cleaning Services is committed to delivering professional services to its customers based on the highest standard of service, client care, meeting their expectations, defining their needs and building the best relationship. We are committed to act with honesty and integrity and delivering our services in a professional manner at all times.

JWY Cleaning Services Management

Mr James W Yosaki
JWY Cleaning Services

James has extensive history in the cleaning business and extensive experience in domestic cleaning to commercial/industrial cleaning. James has managed and maintained several properties including homes, shops, supermarkets, offices, hotels/motels warehouses, banks, hospitals/clinics, function halls, nursing centres and day service centres. James experience is valuable and effective especially in identifying and recruiting professional cleaners.

Joseph J Lukudu
Administrative Officer
(Grad.Dip.DevPract., BSoSc, dip.Comm.Serv and Ad.Dip. of Acc. & Bus. Mgt).
Joseph has extensive experience in office administration and has previously worked for four years as a Clerk with Certified Public Accountants Firm. During this time Joseph proved to be successful and was offered a scholarship to study an Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Joseph loves clerical work including record keeping, bookkeeping, filing and word processing. Joseph is competent operating several computer programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and MYOB