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dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, kitchen cleaning laundry lounge area balconies decks toilets

polishing vacuuming carpet cleaning Brisbane

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We provide cleaning services to the commercial and residential markets throughout Brisbane. JWY only hire highly professional and  trustworthy cleaners to ensure we provide you with a service to your satisfaction.


We specialise in: 

  • Vinyl cleaning
  • Ceramic tiles cleaning
  • Non-slip/concrete floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Mats and entrance mats cleaning
  • Bench tops
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Cook tops
  • Drive ways
  • Empty wardrobes and cupboards
  • End of lease cleaning

What we can do within your home:


  • Vacuum carpet
  • Sweep, mob and polish timber floor
  • Sweep mop and polish vinyl floor
  • Clean windows, glass and window screen
  • Clean marks on the wall and remove spider webs

Living Room

  • Move the furniture and vacuum behind
  • Clean the sofa
  • Clean electronics thoroughly
  • Take rugs outside, remove the dust and vacuum them
  • Deodorise the living room


  • Clean thoroughly inside and outside wardrobes and drawers
  • Remove stains on sink and bath tub
  • Mob the floor and polish stainless fittings
  • Get rid of any spots on curtains
  • Clean mirrors and wall
  • Clean mildew from bath tub


  • Clean fridges, microwaves, oven and cook tops
  • Clean cupboards and cabinets
  • Pull fridge away from the wall and vacuum behind
  • Wipe down all stainless surfaces
  • Empty internal rubbish bins
  • Wipe the bin inside and outside


  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Drive way and balcony